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  • BlackMagic Design 2.1 inch Audio Monitor - Software CD - BlackMagic Design 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • This Item Includes: Monitor Anywhere: It's never been easier to put the highest quality audio and video monitoring everywhere you need it. Install Blackmagic Audio Monitor in broadcast racks for monitoring audio on decks, video servers and live transmissions
  • Small Size, Big Sound: The Blackmagic Audio Monitor has been designed using the latest advanced audio analysis technology to create a wide and smooth frequency response curve with crisp highs and powerful deep bass
  • Precision Metering: The two big bright audio level meters on the front panel feature multi colored RGB LEDs under each segment of the VU scale. You can select between VU or PPM scale and extra scales can be added in future software updates
  • Machined Metal Design: The machined metal design is attractive as well as extremely strong, which means you get a robust chassis that's vital for better quality sound without

Unión: Cámara

Plataforma: Not Machine Specific

Editor: Blackmagic Design

Detalles: The BlackMagic Design Audio Monitor (2.1 Diagonal Color LCD) gives you fantastic quality audio monitoring in an impossibly small one rack unit size. With a dual subwoofer design combined with extra wide range speakers all backed by a super powerful class A/B amplifier. BlackMagic Design Audio Monitor has been designed to be both an audio and video monitoring solution so you get advanced 6G-SDI in, as well as balanced XLR analog audio, balanced AES/EBU digital audio and consumer level HiFi audio inputs. BlackMagic Design Audio Monitor features an elegant design with big bright multi color audio meters and a built in LCD for monitoring video sources. You even get HDMI 4K output so you can connect a television for big screen video monitoring of your SDI sources.

Dimensiones del paquete: 19.4 x 10.8 x 3.4 inches

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