Logitech - M570 - Mouse Inalámbrico Trackball - Negro

$ 30.61 $ 899

Marca: Logitech

Color: Negro


  • TRACKBALL COMFORT Sculpted shape supports your hand and stays in one place move the cursor without moving your arm
  • CONVENIENT CONTROLS Easy to reach Back/Forward buttons makes moving quickly between documents or browsing your favorite Web sites a breeze
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE With up to 18 months of use from a single AA battery, you might just forget your trackball uses batteries at all
  • EASY TO CLEAN Should you need to clean your trackball, removing the ball is a snap
  • PLUG'N'PLAY CONNECTION Nano sized Logitech wireless unifying receiver stays in your computer plug it in, forget it, even add compatible wireless devices without multiple USB receivers.Wireless operating distance: Approx 10 meters

Unión: Computadora personal

Plataforma: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

Editor: Logitech

Fecha de lanzamiento: 11-11-2009

Detalles: Desplazamiento mediant Bola (Trackball) Logitech M570 - Láser - Inalámbrico - Gris, Azul - Radiofrecuencia - USB - Rueda de desplazamiento.

Idiomas: Inglés

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