X-Rite Munsell ColorChecker Chart - Kit para impresoras (10 - 32 °C, 5 - 35 °C, 30 - 85%, 30 - 85%, 209.5 x 279.4 x 4 mm)

$ 48.99

Marca: X-Rite

Color: ColorChecker Classic


  • DESIGNED FOR IMAGING PROS: This industry standard 24-patch Classic target is used to create custom camera and scanner profiles. Works with free X-Rite ColorChecker Camera Calibration software to create custom ICC and DNG camera profiles.,
  • ACCURACY & CONSISTENCY: Color patches will remain the same as the light changes for professional-quality consistency . Each square reflects light in a similar way as its real-life counterpart in all parts of the visible spectrum, under any illumination.,
  • IDEA

Unión: Suministros diversos

Formato: CD-ROM

Plataforma: No Operating System

Editor: X-Rite

Detalles: Otras características:
Dimensiones (Ancho x Profundidad x Altura): 209.5 x 279.4 x 4 mm
Intervalo de temperatura operativa: 10 - 32 ° C

Idiomas: Inglés

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